Network Cabling

Communications networks have always been essential to the support of technology that has become a way of life for people and businesses alike

Lowvoltage Cat5E or CAT6

Carrier Advisors & Integrators is a leading Data Cabling West Coast Provider and we have extensive experience in this field and its infrastructure. Our team are some of the best trained and we can help design/build, manage and install your structured cabling system for data, voice, video, & security among others. Your low voltage network is the lifeblood and starting foundation for your companies operations.

Carrier Advisors & Integrators we provide West Coast-area businesses with topnotch data wiring and installation. Our techs are skilled in data wiring and have many years of experience. As leading wiring installation specialist, we offer cutting-edge data center solutions that provide the ideal technology platform for today’s advanced systems & businesses. Our technicians deliver unmatched expertise in data center design & installation services due to our experience & commitment to continual training in the job – we excel at integrating the most up to date data center tech innovations that minimizes downtime. We provide data center solutions that are compliant with 99.99% engineering rules & industry best practices. We work to make sure you don’t experience downtime – as even an hour downtime has the capacity to cause thousands or millions of dollars in losses for companies in various sectors. With many years of experience in the data center wiring environment, we have built an exceptional repute for highly dependable, cost-effective services that provide long-term business advantages for our clients, & we have the figures to prove it. As data center wiring professionals on the west coast, we care about offering best installation services yet at affordable pricing. Contact us now and let’s discuss how to provide your business the best offer in data wiring installation solutions!

Five characteristics of fiber optics

Prior to the advent of fiber optic cabling, copper wires were twisted together into sets that would support the current need, but major changes to the network were very expensive and took a very long time. Along with being more cost-efficient and easier to maintain, these five characteristics of fiber optics are drawing our Carrier Advisor clients into upgrade projects that will revolutionize their operations.

Efficient and secure – High-capacity means that fiber optic cabling can deliver voice and data communications over a fiber that is no thicker than a human hair. Devices on both ends will communicate clearly without degradation of the signal. Our fiber cabling is more secure than any copper network since light can traverse the network in less time.

Long distances – Fiber optics can carry data over extensive distances without loss of integrity of the signal or the need for repeating equipment. This advantage means that there are fewer pieces of equipment to purchase or maintain.

Non-corrosive – Fiber optics are made of thin strands of glass that do not draw moisture or rust in the elements. Long-lasting fiber optic fibers will perform perfectly for years without intervention.

Non-conductive – Since the signal is made of light instead of electrical impulses, equipment and people are safe from any breach of the physical casing around the cabling.

No interference – Electrical, x-ray and radio waves do not affect the performance of the fiber optic network.