Phone Solutions

The right phone solution can make a world of difference

There are a few options and directions a company can go when it’s time to upgrade that big old lug of a phone system that has been in your telco closet for the last 8 to 15 years.

We take pride in building a custom voice solution that is not a cookie cutter and limited piece like most out there on the market.

We want to learn about your operations and current challenges, we cannot just pop out a quote until we truly understand all your companies’ total needs.

We dive into understanding your user community needs, growth, mobility integration and unified messaging needs.

The Right Choice is Key

Hosted platforms and there are many, we help you make the decision the right way the first time. So that we prevent future pains and poor user experiences. Building an architecturally sound network is a key driver in the success. This is one of our BEST practices. We are solution agnostic and do not just represent 1 or 2 solutions. We specialize in both Hybrid Hosted and premised based system like AVAYA, NEC, Shortel, Panasonic, and Toshiba.