Do you wonder how you’re going to manage your company’s expansion or relocation?

The minute you know you are expanding or relocating, contact our team and let us make things flow smoothly. Services normally take 30-45 days to provision, so call us first.

Relocating your company`s communication systems can be among your most difficult and dreaded challenges. Dismantling and reconnecting systems (phones, computers, cables and carrier services) without a proper approach can turn a routine move into a big, costly headache.

Because technological systems are intolerant to even the slightest configuration errors, a system that reduces the risk and uncertainty of the “unforeseen” is indispensable.

Carrier Advisors’ unique tools and the quality process will reveal and correct connectivity issues prior to your move. The result is a smooth and trouble-free transition.

Technology moves made simple:

The Carrier Advisors’s Technology Relocation solution is a proven, modular methodology in which each piece integrates into one unified process. Roles are clearly defined and work is streamlined within the entire Carrier Advisor group.

Modules include:

Carrier management
Cabling and physical infrastructure
Voice equipment relocation
Data equipment relocation
Planning and project management